Club Room Men's Camel Hair Sport Coat

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Product Details
Type: Blazer
Brand: Club Room
Size: 42 Regular
Color: Black
Condition: Pre-owned
Condition Note: A little wear on the edge of the cuffs (see photos). Other than that the jacket is in very good condition and is free of any other defects.
Fabric: 100% Camel Hair
Product Features
  • Flap Side Pockets
  • Two Button Front
  • Made in United States
  • Fully Lined
  • 2 Button Front
  • Approx. .5" Available to Lengthen Sleeves
  • Single Vent Design
  • MeasurementsQuestion Mark
    Waist: 42 inches
    Length: 32.5 inches
    Chest: 44 inches
    Shoulders: 38 inches
    Sleeve: 25 inches
    Price: $7.49